I'm a software developer in Waterloo, Canada. I used to do freelance programming and indie flash game development, and now I'm studying computer science at the University of Waterloo.

The purpose of this website is to help you get to know me personally and professionally. To learn about me professionally see my resume. Alternatively, keep reading to learn more about me as a person.

About Me

I was born in Manitoba, Canada. My family lived in the city and we spent our summers at the cottage, so I've come to enjoy city life but I also have a passion for the outdoors. My mind is inquisitive and I enjoy solving problems (especially computationally). In people I value modesty, intelligence, and humor. I fence (my preferred weapon is the sabre), and have my blackbelt in Karate.

Featured Projects

May 2010
A PHP/MySQL-driven, social, flash-gaming website. Players compete to earn achievements ("badges").

December 2010
Risk Probabilities
Among other game theory-related side-projects I've taken on, I developed a Java application that runs simulations to estimate probabilities for the game Risk. (download)

To view more of my projects, see my project showcase.